Hire Passive Tech Candidates

Connect with tech candidates in London & Liverpool that are usually not available to employers without having to contact them on social media.

Search for Passive Candidates in London & Liverpool
Search for tech candidates using 15+ criteria including technical skills, work traits, and life values.
Send Potential Offers
Present candidates that you want to hire with Potential Job Offers. These allow you to present the candidate with the details of your job offer in advance.
No Direct Application
Candidates can't apply to jobs on Mahred -- they are matched to jobs automatically. Every candidate that is matched satisfies both your filters and theirs.
Moneyback Guarantee
If you are unhappy with a candidate that you have hired, we offer a 90 days 100% moneyback guarantee.

Give It A Go
You only pay when you hire a candidate. Fee is 15% of the candidate's annual base salary; unless you are a recruiter / recruitment agency -- it's free. Feel free to check out our Terms of Service for more.

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